General Terms and Conditions

Before you start using this site or other products developed by our company. Each user should read and agree to the General Terms and Conditions of the website and the online casino. 

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Basic definitions

1.1 These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as T&C) contain the main words and terms used in the following and are distinguished by capital letters and have the following meanings:

  • “T&C” means the general terms and conditions of use of the Casino Services and all derivative products, as the same may be amended by the Company;
  • “Casino” means Hollycorn N.V., a company registered in Curaçao under registration number 144359, with its registered address at Heelsumstraat 51 E-Commerce Park, Curaçao, gaming license number 8048/JAZ2019-015, issued by Antillephone N.V;
  • “Paying Agent” means Libergos Ltd, a company registered in Cyprus with number HE 371971, located at Boumpoulinas, 1-3, BOUBOULINA BUILDING, Flat/Office 42, 1060, Nicosia, Cyprus, a subsidiary of “Casino”;
  • “Website” is the website having the electronic (domain) address, with all the games, all services, and related products located on it (the website), which you can use and are available on said website. This site is, in all relations between the Casino and the Customer, wholly owned and operated by the Casino, with all obligations thereunder;
  • “Account” shall mean the present account created and registered by the Customer for the purpose of using this Website or products produced by the Casino to make bets with the Casino as provided for in the rules of this Agreement;
  • “Customer” means the natural person who is one of the parties to the Pari Transaction with the Parimatch Casino (which is accordingly the offeror in this case) and who has accepted these Parimatch Terms and Conditions of Use in the manner prescribed in Section 2 hereof;
  • “Provider Restrictions” is a list of certain countries that are restricted for a particular provider or a particular game;
  • NetEnt does not permit NetEnt Casino Games to be offered to any company or organization that operates or does business in any of the following countries and jurisdictions (whether or not NetEnt Casino Games is offered by an organization in that jurisdiction) without the required licenses and approvals: Belgium, Bulgaria, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.
  • “Wallet” is a personal account created by Comet in a specific real currency represented in the form of play money within the Account, only one selected currency can be deposited and funded into this account.

1.2 All terms not mentioned above, but which may be used in this document, have a generalized and understandable meaning, in case they are not presented in this document or the context does not provide for them.


2.1 This T&C List constitutes a binding agreement setting forth these terms and conditions directed from the Casino Parimatch to any individual Client who meets the following requirements:

  • The Customer must be at least 18 years old or at least the age of majority in the country of residence.
  • The Client must not be located in a country where gambling is forbidden.

2.2 When registering an account at the official Casino website, the offeror upgrades to the “Client” status and automatically accepts all the rules described in the T&Cs. 

2.3 By becoming a Client, you express your guarantee and confirm your compliance with the requirements listed in clause 2.1.

2.4 The agreement between the Casino and the Customer in accordance with this T&C shall be valid subject to continued compliance by the Customer. If for any reason the compliance is not maintained by the Customer, the agreement shall be considered as automatically suspended for the period of non-compliance. 

2.5 The Casino will not reimburse any losses or expenses incurred by the non-compliant person. It is the responsibility of each and every individual to comply with any and all local tax requirements associated with the use of the Website. Each person using the Website acknowledges that under no circumstances shall the Parimatch Casino be in any way responsible for a failure by such person to comply or not comply with any applicable legal requirements or obligations.

2.6 If the non-eligible person registers an account with the Casino, all the funds deposited by that person will automatically be deemed to have been gifted to the Casino. The Casino has no obligation to return such funds unless it decides otherwise in its sole discretion.


3.1 The official website is to be used for personal use only. The use of the site for commercial purposes is prohibited.

3.2 The User (Client) understands that some games and services available on the Site may have additional terms for the user and some applications may have additional restrictions in certain areas. Furthermore, by playing a game at the Site, the User automatically accepts additional terms of use that may be inconsistent with the rules of the territory in which they are located. 

3.3 These conditions may be changed unilaterally by the Casino. Changes may be made at any time at the discretion of the Casino. The Customer is solely responsible for complying with all requirements and rules, including those just added to these Terms and Conditions. Changes may be applied even without warning to the Customer. It is the responsibility of the Customer to follow all changes at all times. 

3.4 The Casino is entitled to transfer absolutely any rights to any operator, at any time. If the new operator accepts all applicable laws.

3.5 The person who uses the website of the Casino automatically accepts all conditions and agrees to the processing of personal data.


4.1 The client has the right to have only one game account. By creating multiple accounts, you run the risk of losing absolutely all of your co-created accounts, at the sole discretion of the Casino.

4.2 The Customer may not: create more than one Personal Account. Provide his account with personal information to a third party. Create an Account under a false name. 

4.3 If the Client violates any rule included in paragraph 4.2, all funds in the Account will be seized to the benefit of the Casino as a penalty. The Client will be obliged to return all such funds. 

4.4 The veracity and truthfulness of the information contained in your account, shall be the sole responsibility of the Client who has created the account. In the event of any changes in the data required by the Casino from the Client. The Client shall be obliged to make all changes as soon as possible. Some changes may require additional verification procedures.

4.5 The Casino has the right, at any time and at its sole discretion, to require the Client to provide any information that verifies the legitimacy of the Client’s account or any activity on the official website and for anti-fraud and anti-money laundering (AML) purposes.

4.6 All information must fully correspond to the data in the details of the Client, which are specified by him on the Account. The availability of documents must be confirmed by their photo and the date of issue/issue (the date must be indicated on the document). After the Casino asks the Client to provide a photo of the credit card, the Client must close the digits of the card number from the 7th to the 12th, as well as the three-digit security code.

4.7 All of the Customer’s activities on the website owned by the Casino before the completion of the initial registration check, may be terminated unilaterally by the Casino. Also, the Casino has the right to suspend all monetary transactions of the customer until the acceptance of all personal data.

4.8 A material breach is a failure by the customer to comply with any of the conditions set out above. Should such a violation be detected, the Casino has the right to seize all funds deposited by the Client in the Account until the time of registration of the violation, as a fine.

4.9 The Client is fully responsible for the security of the access data to his Account, in order to prevent any unauthorized access to his Account. The Customer agrees that in the event that any individual or group of individuals gains access to the Customer’s Account through unauthorized entry into the Casino premises, such person’s activity will be considered as Customer’s activity and the Parimatch Casino will not be liable for any resulting losses. 


5.1 If the Client complies with all of the terms of the T&Cs (including the Verification provisions), the Client may place bets with the Casino through the Website. The Client accepts full responsibility for the fact that the Casino provides real money gambling in real currencies through the Website. By placing a bet with the Casino, the Customer pays real money for such a bet.

5.2 Client’s account is funded with real money in real currency. Only after the account is funded, the Client has the full right to pay his bet. The customer must acknowledge that the Casino is not a financial institution, and no interest will be paid on the deposited money. 

5.3 The Casino reserves the right to withhold funds for the payment of bets wagered by the Customer.

5.4 The Customer is fully aware that:

  • By gambling on the official Casino website, the Customer is gambling with real money. The Casino will not be liable for the Client’s losses;
  • The use of the Website by the Customer may result in a financial loss to the Customer and the Casino accepts no responsibility for any such loss.

5.5 The Casino has the full and irrevocable right at any time and in its sole discretion not to include any game, product, or service on the Website.

5.6 If for any reason the Customer has not performed any transactions on the Portal for twelve consecutive months, the Casino shall have the sole right to debit the Customer’s account with an administrative fee of EUR 20 per month. Or the same amount in any other currency at the rate. The withdrawals will be made as long as the account balance remains positive.

5.7 The Casino is entitled to set the maximum amount of the Client’s individual bets, including different amounts for the different games and products available on the Website, as well as different amounts for the same products and services, depending on whether they are used as part of a special offer (e.g. a bonus offer). 


6.1 Complying with all terms and conditions of our website, the Client has the right to deposit his/her own account using any of the wallets provided in the “Deposit” section of the official website, at the time when the payment is made.

6.2 With the permission of the Casino, the Client may create a number of wallets in different currencies. All currencies available to the Customer are determined by the Casino itself. 

6.3 Funding of the Account will only be possible through the use of payment accounts (e.g. credit card, bank account, electronic wallet, etc.) belonging to the Client and registered (issued, opened) in his name. In all other cases, the Casino shall be entitled to reject all payments from third-party payment accounts. 

6.4 The Casino reserves the right to determine the minimum amount to be deposited in the gaming account (the minimum amount that may be deposited through a single payment transaction). The Casino reserves the right to change this amount at any time, at its sole discretion. The current minimum deposit amount will always be displayed on the Deposit page of the Website. 

6.5 The Casino is not a financial company and does not provide foreign exchange services. The only internal operating currency of the Casino is the Euro. As a result, funds deposited in currencies other than the Euro may be converted. The Casino is not responsible for the loss of your funds due to such conversion.


7.1 Observing all the conditions of our website, the Client can withdraw funds from the Account using any of the wallets provided in the “Withdrawal of funds” section of the official website, at the time of the payment.

7.2 The Client understands and accepts that, for anti-fraud and anti-money laundering purposes, the moment the Client deposits funds into the Account created, the Client may not withdraw an identical deposit until the wagering requirements described below are met (the Casino will reject such withdrawal until the following wagering requirements are met):

7.2.1 For the purpose of clause 7.2 (including all sub-clauses), unless expressly stated otherwise, the Deposit Amount may include the full amount deposited as well as all possible winnings from that Deposit Amount.

7.2.2 In order for the Client to be able to withdraw the corresponding sum of funds, the Client is obligated to make bets in an amount equal to tripling (x3) the corresponding sum of the deposit (winnings are not included in the calculation of the specified tripled (x3) amount) using this sum of the deposit. After fulfilling these conditions, the Client has the right to withdraw funds from his account. 

7.3 Withdrawal of funds from the account is possible only through the use of payment accounts (e.g. credit card, bank account, electronic wallet, etc.) belonging to the Client and registered (issued, opened) in his name. In all other cases, the Casino has the right to reject all cash transactions from third-party payment accounts. 

7.4 The Casino reserves the right to determine the minimum amount to be withdrawn (the minimum amount that can be withdrawn through a single payment transaction) The Casino reserves the right to change this amount at any time at its sole discretion. The current minimum withdrawal amount will always be displayed on the “Withdrawal” page of the Website.

7.5 The Casino is not a financial company and does not provide foreign exchange services.

7.6 Client agrees that:

  • If a credit card issued in unsupported countries (or territories under their jurisdictions) is used, it cannot be used for withdrawals.
  • banking and financial institutions and other payment service providers, whether in unsupported or unsupported countries, may block or reject such transactions in their sole discretion, and in no event shall the Casino be liable for any such blocking or rejection;
  • Withdrawal transactions may take up to thirty (30) Banking Days to complete. 
  • Any payment methods may not support some currencies;
  • In some exceptional cases, withdrawals by bank transfer may well be subject to additional bank charges. 

7.7 In addition to the limits set by the payment service providers, the Casino, and the Customer agree to a maximum withdrawal limit of 4.000 EUR per day, 30.000 EUR per week, and 80.000 EUR per month.

7.8 The Casino is fully entitled to verify the Client’s identity, at any time, immediately before processing any payment and as a consequence to withhold any refund or withdrawal for the time necessary to verify the Client’s identity. 


8.1 All refund requests from Clients will be processed in accordance with company policy and refunds. 

8.2 While your refund request is being processed, the Casino will, in due course, cancel all bonuses and winnings that were in any way related to the refunded amount.

8.3 Any expenses that may not be foreseen during the refund process will be covered by the Customer. 


9.1 This Casino actively pursues a strict anti-fraud policy using a variety of anti-fraud methods and techniques. Furthermore, the following events or activities will be considered by the Casino as fraudulent activities:

  • If you are involved in any form or manifestation of collusion with other customers of the Casino;
  • Create strategies in any way to win unfairly;
  • Conducting fraudulent activity on any other Casino or Provider;
  • If you create more than one account, what is considered fraudulent activity;
  • In order to increase wagering limits, it is prohibited to make pre-coordinated and negotiated wagers with other customers;
  • Gambling by being in a position to influence the outcome of the game in any way, or by cooperating with any person who might influence such an outcome, or knowing that any person has influenced such an outcome;
  • Gambling with an advantage (broadly defined);
  • Other types of fraud and dishonest gambling.

9.2 In the event that the Customer may be suspected of any fraudulent activity, the Casino has the full and unquestionable right to suspend any action from the Customer’s Account and/or to cancel all cash transactions in the Account. In the event that the fraudulent activity of the Customer is proven, the Casino is fully entitled to withhold all funds from the Account against the penalty. 

9.3 In any case, the Casino shall be obliged to make commercially reasonable efforts to inform the Customer of all relevant reasons for all losses related to fraudulent activities of the Customer and all consequences resulting therefrom.

9.5 In the event that the Customer suspects any fraudulent activity, the Casino is entitled to withhold part or all of the funds in the account.

9.6 If the Client becomes aware of possible errors or incompleteness of the Website, the Client undertakes to refrain from using them.


10.1 The Client is fully aware that gambling through the Casino Website is purely for entertainment and should not be considered as a source of income or as a means of debt collection.

10.2 To assist the Customer to play responsibly, the Casino may, at the request of the Customer, impose personal limits on the use or enjoyment of the Website, wherever possible exclude the use of the Website by the Customer.

10.3 If the Client wishes to restrict his or her use of the Website, in such case the Client must notify the Casino in due time and in writing by e-mail, stating the type of restriction(s) which he or she wishes to apply.

10.4 At the request of the Customer, the Casino may impose the following personal restrictions:

  • Deposit limit – a limit on the amount of deposit the Client may deposit to his account in real currency for a selected period of time restriction – day, week, month;
  • Loss Limit – a restriction on the amount of the Client’s losses in real money for a certain period of time;
  • Gambling limit – a limit on the total amount of bets (regardless of the result) made by the Client in one of the selected time intervals – day, week, month. If the total amount of bets, reaches the established limit, in this case the Casino shall fully suspend all opportunities for the Client to make further bets on the Website until the end of the relevant limitation period;
  • Session Limit is a limitation on the total amount of time the Client may spend on the Website, the limitation shall apply for the selected period of time;
  • The cooling-off Limit is a restriction on the Client’s ability to make deposits and bets on the Website for a certain period of time, but the Client may access and withdraw funds from the Personal Account;

10.5 The Client has the right at any time to request the casino to remove all restrictions in writing or to ask for such restrictions to be relaxed to a certain extent.

10.6 All restrictions will automatically expire after the end of the period of their validity originally agreed when the restrictions were imposed. 


11.1 The Client has the right to contact the Customer Service of the Casino. The appeal must be in accordance with the instructions posted on the page “Customer Support” of the official Website, or by e-mail. All complaints will be handled according to the established procedure.

11.2 The customer service will investigate all customer complaints as soon as possible or send this complaint to the authorized managers.

11.3 The Casino undertakes to inform the customer as far as possible about the progress of the investigation of the complaint.

11.4 In the event that the Customer abuses his/her authority to submit complaints and appeals to the Casino’s support service, the Casino is fully entitled to limit all opportunities for the Customer to complain or to ignore any new complaints received from the Customer. The Customer acknowledges that the Casino will record all communication with the Customer.

11.5 In the event of a dispute, the Customer agrees that all logs and records kept on the server shall be full proof of all purposes and determinations of the outcome of any named complaint.

11.7 The Client hereby agrees that every communication and communication sent by the Casino to the Client shall be deemed to be correct if it is made using all of the contact details of this Client as stated in his/her Account. A message shall be deemed to have been delivered to the recipient at the time it is sent.


12.1 We, represented by the Casino, shall have the full right to make a telephone call to this customer, to the number specified in the personal data when creating the Account. This procedure will be considered as part of the verification of your account and failure to do so may result in the suspension of all cash transactions and the freezing of funds in the Account. This procedure takes two weeks, during which we will attempt to make a verification call with you and complete the verification process.  

12.2 If the Casino will return the funds to the Customer’s Account, the Casino reserves the right to charge the Player an amount equal to the current balance in order to compensate for all losses incurred as a result of the Charterback Procedure. Require the player to return all funds that represent any further damage or financial loss.


13.1 The Customer hereby expressly agrees that absolutely any claim or cause of action relating to the conditions or services provided by the Casino shall be filed within one calendar year of the occurrence of the actual claim or cause of action.


14.1 The Client may not assign, lend, transfer, donate or sell his Player Account. He is responsible as described in these Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website. The prohibition of said transfers also includes, but is not limited to, encumbrance, pledging, assignment, trading, brokering, lien, and/or gift in collaboration with a trustee or any other third party, company, individual, or entity in any form or manner.


15.1 Any and all disputes between you and this Casino that may arise at any time during your use of the Website and these Terms and Conditions shall be settled exclusively by arbitration based in Cyprus and in accordance with the Cyprus Civil Procedure Rules.