Bonus Terms and Conditions

Our company Parimatch today is one of the most popular gambling sites in the world market. One of the reasons for this is the unique bonus program that offers players special gifts. Their list varies depending on conditions, sizes, methods of use. The most important thing is to keep track of the bonuses since many of them constantly change.

At the same time, it is important to take into account the fact that each of the bonuses is accompanied by a number of rules and conditions. Therefore, we have developed this guide to help you navigate successfully around bonuses.

Bunch of documents and regulations at parimatch

Welcome bonus

The Welcome Bonus on Parimatch is your first guaranteed gift. It is available to new authorized users as a real amount of money that can be used for gambling. There are a number of welcome bonus options:

  • First;
  • Second;
  • Third;
  • Fourth.

Each one is also unique. As a rule, their distinguishing features are size and availability. This is a guarantee that you will save your money while you learn how to bet correctly or play casino games. For many, this bonus is not a novelty and curiosity, as it is found on many platforms. An exceptional feature of Parimatch is the number of possible welcome gifts. At the same time, if you refuse to use them, you do not lose anything at all. 

Gift box wrapped with yellow ribbon and parimatch logo

First Welcome Bonus

The main data you need to know:

Conditions for receiptA new authorized user who has already registered his account and made a deposit
Bonus amount100% of the first deposit, but no more than USD 800, EUR 800
LimitUSD 1,600
Term of use5 days
Wagering threshold40x bonus amount
Additional conditionsAvailable only to those who have not funded their account at the time of activation of the offer

Second Welcome Bonus

The information you need to use it correctly:

How Do You Get It?Use promo code “SECOND” the second time you deposit on your account. Note that your deposit must be at least USD 35, EUR 35
The number of free spins you get when using the bonus150
Free Spins limitUSD 200, EUR 200
Size of the giftThe number of free spins received
Validity period5 days
Wagering threshold30x Bonus amount
Special and additional conditions30 free spins are granted upon receipt. Subsequently, you will get 4 more every 24 hours; additional free spins, which can only be used in the Wolf Treasure slot from IGTech. And in case it is not available – in Aztec Sun by Booongo or Genie Wishes slot by Booming. The choice is left to Parimatch Casino.

Third Welcome Bonus

Data relevant to the use of the gift:

Conditions for receivingYou need to enter the promo code “THIRD” at the time when you deposit money for the third time. Its amount must not be lower than USD 35, EUR 35
Free spins available after using the bonus75
Set limits on amountsUSD 100, EUR 100
Set gift amountFree spins plus 75% of the deposit you made, but not more than USD 577, EUR 577.
Bonus validity periodFor each part of the Bonus Amount – 5 days
Wagering threshold40x 75% of the amount you deposited, with the addition of 30x winnings in free spins
Set limitsEUR 1,200, USD 1,200
Optional15 free spins + 4 times every 24 hours, which you can use only in Elvis Frog in Vegas slots from BGaming

Fourth Welcome Bonus

The information you need to get and use:

Terms & ConditionsAll you have to do is enter promo code “FOURTH” when you make your fourth deposit. It must be at least: EUR 50, USD 50
Free Spins You Get100
Free Spins WinpcapEUR 100, USD 100
The amount of bonus usedConsists of free spins plus 100% of the amount of the deposit. At the same time it does not exceed EUR 400, USD 400
Gift validity period5 days
Established limitsEUR 1,000, USD 1,000
Wagering threshold40x bonus amount plus 30x winnings in free spins
Additional conditions50 free spins plus 1 time within the next 24 hours, which can only be used on BGaming’s Book of Pyramids slot

For the most optimal and correct receipt and use, you should keep a record of your deposits at the first time, as well as the number of promotional codes used. Your success and the size of the winnings depend on the correctness of their input, control of the number, as well as the frequency of use. Do not miss your chance to earn as much as possible through the rational and correct use of the gifts of the platform and its promotions! 

You may not need to consider all this, since not every player wants to get all four options. Someone stops after the first, someone comes almost to the end. If you decide to stop using it, check the terms of the bonus program of other offers, so as not to miss anything important.

High Roller Bonus

The next variant of the bonus term is the High Roller. It also has its own distinctive features and characteristics that will make your game most attractive and successful. The basic information about it is as follows:

Conditions for ReceiptFirst, enter promo code “HIGHROLLER” when depositing in your account. Valid four times. The minimum deposit amount is USD 100, EUR 100.
Bonus amountEUR 1,000, USD 1,000
Period of validity5 days
Wagering threshold40x Bonus amount

As you can see, the main thing here is not to forget about the promo code the moment you make your deposits. Control this issue and success will always be on your side.

A gift in the background and a valid promo code at parimatch

Live Cashback

The following bonus is a direct interaction with your personal funds. The basic information you need to learn and understand includes:

Terms & Conditions for the BonusPlay Live Casino and Table Games, and fund your account by making a deposit. If it makes at least USD 50, EUR 50 in the last three days, you will get a part of your funds back
Gift sizeUp to 0.005 BTC, 0.5 BCH, 0.15 ETH, 1.15 LTC, 4000 DOG, and 250 USDT directly in cryptocurrency
Validity period5 days
Wagering thresholdNot required at the moment
Special factYou can only use this bonus once

This bonus is especially popular among users because it defines a guarantee directly on your money that you deposit on the platform. At the same time, you save them by giving them a partial refund. As a rule, users note as a plus of this offer the possibility of saving personal funds, which, unlike the amounts of offers, can be withdrawn in any available way provided by the company. Consider this information so as not to lose an excellent chance for passive income.

Visualization of cashback operation from user back to user at parimatch

Bonuses depending on the day of the week

In addition to the bonuses and promotions given to you by using personal promo codes, you can take part in gift programs by the day. On the platform, the bonus days are:

  • Monday;
  • Wednesday;
  • Friday.

Each of these days guarantees unique gifts, in different sizes, conditions and more. You can participate in all of them at once, or you can choose the day that is most convenient for you.

Calendar with the marked day and the parimatch logo next to it

Monday Reload

Basic technical data necessary to receive and further use of the bonus offer:

Conditions under which access to the giftYou need to register an account and make a deposit of at least USD 20, EUR 20. After that, you will get access to 15 free spins. For each increase in the size of the deposited amount, you will receive more spins. For example, for USD 25, EUR 25 you will get 20 free spins, and for USD 40, EUR 40 – 50 spins
The maximum number50
Set limits for winningUSD 100, EUR 100
Validity period5 days
Wagering threshold30x winnings in free spins
Necessary additional conditionsAfter the promotion, free spins will be available to you within 24 hours. Keep in mind that this bonus applies every Monday, but only to those who used their first welcome bonus. The free spins apply exclusively to Lucky Fish slots from Wazdan, and when it is not available, to Aztec Magic Deluxe from BGaming. The right to choose the slot reserves the right of the casino.

Wednesday Reload

In many ways similar to the Monday bonus. At the same time, it has its own unique features, which include:

Conditions for receiving the bonusAuthorized account, presence of a deposit made within the last 30 days, use of the first welcome bonus.
The number of free spins provided5
Restrictions on winnings, set by the platformEUR 50, USD 50
Validity period1 day
Wagering threshold30x Winning for free spins
Special additional conditionsBonus will be available within 24 hours of the promotion, and will be issued to you automatically on Wednesday. Free spins are available in various games of the service section, but at the discretion of the Casino.

Friday Reload

The third, but not less interesting is the Friday bonus. It is one of the most popular among players who prefer to spend such a day with benefits and relaxation. The most important data include:

Conditions for receiving the bonusRegister and make your first deposit of at least USD 20, EUR 20.
Set amount of bonus25% of the first deposit, which does not exceed USD 100, EUR 100
RestrictionsUSD 100, EUR 100
Period of validity5 days
Wagering threshold40x bonus amount
Additional informationExpect it every Friday, but only if you have already used the welcome bonus after the first deposit.

It should be noted that despite the general similarity between these three proposals, each of them suits different categories of players. For example, lovers of weekend activities prefer Friday promotions. At the same time, there are those who prefer to spend the entire weekend playing games in order to get into the draw on Monday. Try them all and choose the right one for you!

General bonus terms and promotions

In addition to the bonuses described above, Parimatch Casino will be able to offer you a number of additional gifts at its discretion. These include:

  • Change the number of free spins granted; 
  • The maximum winnings in free spins;
  • Increasing or decreasing the bonus period by time of action;
  • Limits on winnings, deposit amounts and more;
  • Change of special conditions.

Note that each offer applies to one user only once. That’s why the platform takes into account your personal data entered in the process of registration and personal account verification.

The document next to the stack of bonus money and the parimatch logo

Additional information necessary to use the bonus offers

In addition to the data relating directly to the bonuses themselves, each user needs to know additional conditions for their use, as well as certain points relating to technical characteristics. They include the following:

  • Casino Parimatch reserves the right to set the maximum bet size depending on the game, offer or series;
  • The duration of the bonus, its size, the number of free spins and much more has a chance to change;
  • Before proceeding to bets and games using bonuses, the user must read all the rules and agree to the following terms;
  • Upon confirmation of consent, bonus offers or the number of free spins within 24 hours are credited to the user’s personal account;
  • The countdown of the validity period of the offer begins on the day they are accrued;
  • During the bonus period, namely 5 days, the user is limited to withdrawing the amount of the gift accrued to him, since he is not yet the property of the player;
  • During the entire validity period, each person must take into account the limits set by the platform;
  • The end date of the bonus period is the day of its actual expiration;
  • Additional grounds for termination are the cancellation or deactivation of the user’s account, as well as for the personal interest of the platform in case the player violates the basic conditions and established rules;
  • Each participant has the right to bet only on the amount that is between the established minimum and maximum limits;
  • Upon termination of the bonus period for reasons other than the expiration of the period, the accrued funds will be debited from your account;
  • Each player can refuse to participate in the bonus program at any time without any risks and consequences;
  • An additional reason for canceling the promotion is a decrease in the player’s balance by an amount less than 0.000001 BTC, 0.00001 BCH, 0.0005 LTC, 10 DOG, 0.00001 ETH and 0.05 for other currencies;
  • The use of bonus funds solely for the passage of bonus stages is prohibited. You must use them directly as an addition to games with your personal funds at any stage;
  • Each bonus offer, regardless of its terms and characteristics, must be subject to all conditions;
  • The Casino reserves the right to restrict the player from receiving or accepting either one bonus or the entire program;
  • Each user needs to make sure that the promo code is entered correctly, because if you write it incorrectly, you will not receive a bonus offer;
  • If errors occur at any of the stages, you should familiarize yourself with the popular questions in the “” section, and if it is absent, in the support service;
  • When addressing a question in this section, you should take into account that the platform administration itself decides whether to confirm your mistakes or reject;
  • If you have any commercial relationship with the casino, you should only play with your own money in order to avoid mistakes and suspicions of fraud. Otherwise, for confirmation of all actions, you will need to contact the platform administration, which also personally resolves such issues at its own discretion.

Keep all of this in mind when you are ready to start playing casino games on the platform. Without this information, you run the risk of making a number of mistakes, the correction of which may require a lot of material and time effort. In general, the platform developers are doing everything possible to simplify the work for themselves, as well as the processes and procedures for the players. Follow the latest updates on the platform – and have advantages over other users!